The different squad members you will need for $10 cocktail Tuesdays


Do you have a squad? Do you call it a squad? It's okay if you don't. We will also accept the following name for your group of friends: the guys, the girls, the posse, the tribe, the gang, minions or just Jerry, if there's only two of you. 

It's often a delicate balance, but every squad has a different mix of personalities in their group that come together to make it work. Bring these people together, and you run the social arena wherever you go - especially Kingpin's $10 Tuesday night

Is your squad complete? Check out these people you need to have for a complete group, and see if you can identify yourself! 

The leader

It begins with the leader - your Kingpin, if we may. You know who the leader is because they're the person who starts the group text, gets everyone into a huddle and comes prepared with 'an epic night out' plan. They make sure everyone is accounted for in the plan making.

The leader drink of choice: Espresso martini

The funny guy

You need that person who is always ready with a one-liner when it's most appropriate, or sometimes even when it's not. The Chandler Bing of squads. Everyone loves the funny guy, they often know everyone - an easy right hand man selection for the leader. 

The funny guy drink of choice: Spiced mojito 

The inappropriate person

Not always intentionally, but the inappropriate person is always saying something, well, inappropriate. The rest of the group groans and often rolls their eyes in response. Remarks are shut down with a quick 'shut up.' Don't have someone like this? Look again, this person could be disguised as your vegan friend. 

The inappropriate person drink of choice: Pimms jug

The Instagramer 

Your group isn't complete if you don't constantly have someone saying "wait, let me take a picture." Or some variation of that. Part of you is annoyed, part of you is happy that you have someone on hand to document all the fun things you do with a cool filter and witty caption. 

The Instagramer drink of choice: Ultimate thick shake 

The troublemaker 

Do you have to warn someone to be on their best behaviour? That's the troublemaker. They're good to have around to keep things unpredictable, but they're inability to filter thoughts can be a problem for your crew at times. Oh well, you love 'em regardless. 

The troublemaker drink of choice: Strawberry Sour 

Sound the horn: Squad, assemble! You're headed to your nearest Kingpin Bowling centre for a Tuesday night of $10 cocktails and nonstop bowling fun.