Qubica BesX On Lane Games


Everybody loves a few frames of bowling as a friendly past time, a great idea for a birthday or for some serious competition between bowlers. But sometimes you might want a change from standard bowling!

At Kingpin we’ve picked up on those who find themselves wanting to try something different and have turned the old school art of bowling on its head! Introducing the Qubica BesX console. This modern on lane system allows you to turn a game into a full entertainment event! The consoles on your lane allow you to try out on-lane food ordering, lane chatter, social media integration and the custom BesX Mad Games.

If you kick up a hunger whilst you are raining down those strikes, then jump straight onto the BesX console on your lane and order up a storm. Grab some Angus Beef sliders, some Smokey Buffalo Wings and even a few Signature Cocktails to wash it all down. It’s as easy as pushing the button and sitting back to let us get it all sorted!

When you and your crew feel like it’s time for a bit of banter between the lanes, jump onto your console and pull up the lane chatter tool to send some words of encouragement(or a few challenging threats!) to the other bowlers making a racket down the other end!  

The in lane games kick off from your Bowling Entertainment System right on your lane and let you enjoy a completely new version of bowling with Bowlin’ Hood, Monster Factory, Character Factory & Battle on the Lanes.

Bowlin’ Hood is a classic spin on your regular game of bowling, with the number of pins you knock down the number of points you shoot on the screen, with the aim of the game to get a bullseye and be top score. If you think you won’t have the talent to bowl Bullseye’s all day long, then don’t worry this game has the ability to set the difficulty slider for each player so it’s an even playfield.

Monster Factory takes away the scoring system and turns your game of bowling into a freaky masterpiece. Each number of pins you knock down links up with a body part listed on the game screen, with each bowling turn getting you closer to your own freaky custom Monster. Once you’ve managed to create the perfect (or unique) monster you can even take them home with you to share across social media with our Facebook sign on link.

Next up is the Character Factory, which unlike Monster Factory, lets you build your own cool and custom character to represent you on the lanes. Start from scratch and begin building your character limb by limb as you bowl away and at the end of it all you will be left with your own customer character and their own cute pet! Don’t forget to share this one on Facebook to showcase your true BesX persona to your friends.