We All Need a Holiday Pass

Holiday Pass

If there’s one true way to experience the sheer breadth of fun times awaiting you under the Kingpin umbrella, it’s with a Holiday Pass. This conveniently shaped’n’sized slice of plastic is the perfect gift for anyone in your circle who loves fun – because it gives you access to all the awesomeness available under one roof, in one hit. (This also makes it perfect for keeping the kids occupied for more than 20 minutes during school holidays and for uni students to grab a deal on 3 activities for only $26 between semesters.) What does it include? Everything you need for an amazing time, really. Read on to find out.

Bowling, obviously

The clue’s in the name. Kingpin offers Australia’s finest tenpin bowling experience, complete with options such as sharing your scores on social media, chatting to other lanes, ordering food and drink from your seat and – of course – bumpers if you’re playing with kids or novices. But the fun doesn’t stop once that final skittle totters and falls, handing out victory and defeat. Because your Holiday Pass also entitles you to...

Thirty minutes in the arcade

That’s right – you don’t have to head straight home to brag/weep over what happened on the alley, thanks to half an hour of free play across our exciting range of machinery. We’re talking first-person shooters, air-hockey tables and basketball machines, and that’s just for starters. There are even some old-school options like Daytona, so the non-millennials in your squad can show off the racing experience they built up by relentlessly pumping dollar coins into the slot back in the day. That’ll get everyone limbered up for...

Laser-based warfare *thunderclap*

It’s like bowling, but the other team are your pins and... no, that’s a terrible analogy. Let’s start again. Laser Tag is a heart-pounding battle royale that rewards teamwork, stealth, guile and having a really good aim with your laser weapon. In our bespoke arenas, designed to resemble the industrial warzones of the not-too-distant future, there’s plenty of skill involved in this activity. Suit up and blast those baddies in the sensor area to rack up points for your platoon. Time to settle some scores after what happened on the bowling lanes, eh?

Stuff to do in between

As we very subtly hinted above, there are some extras you can enjoy while ripping through the extreme value fun of your Holiday Pass. Even if you decide to sit out one of these activities, you’ll easily be able to keep yourself occupied with some frankly amazing food and drink options or you might even get caught up on a Ropes course in Darwin or in a heated rally at the Top Spin arena at Chermside. We’re not just saying that because we’re amazed by hamburgers and nachos, either. There are also fancy cocktails. So while everyone else is firing lasers at each other, you can kick back with a Countess Cosmo, which is just as delicious as it sounds