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Reserve your spot on the lanes NOW and pay in venue LATER?.

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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy applies to your personal information regardless of the way in which we collect it, for example, whether it is collected via one of our websites, when you visit one of our venues, when you contact one of our customer service departments or visit one of our social media sites.

In-Venue Safety

At Kingpin we strive to ensure your safety but there are inherent risks with using our venues. Here are tips to stay safe and have more fun!

Safety Month

We may roll like royalty but we like to roll safely. We made a short video for you as part of safety month to help you enjoy Kingpin venues safely.

Spring carnival

It?s what makes spring time special ? so at Kingpin we?re dressed to impress with our best carnival atmosphere and there?s a definite hint of spring in the air!

Standard Games

Looks like you rolled Too Deep! This page doesn't exist.

Summer of Love

At Kingpin we love choice and we love you to roll your own way ? so pick the activities you love ??


Each Thursday night from 6p.m. for 4 weeks, Kingpin are running a very unserious competition.